“Behind the Scenes: Cardi B Flaunts Curves in Leotard for Up Video, Opens Up About Surprising Reactions to Her Music”

On Sunday, Cardi B treated fans to sneak peek photos from the Up music video shoot. The 28-year-old rapper flaunted her curves in a white leotard paired with a sheer wrap, referring to herself as a ‘Rolls Royce angel.’ In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Cardi B expressed surprise at the negative reactions her music receives, often coming from conservative individuals who label her work as ‘nasty.’ Despite this, Cardi B remains true to her sassy attitude and continues to produce provocative videos that showcase her unique style.

Up: Cardi B, 28, shares behind the scenes snaps from her racy music video Up as she bares her curves in a white leotard, recently sharing in an interview that she is 'surprised' when have 'nasty' reactions to her music after facing backlash for WAP

Cardi B, the popular artist aged 28, recently shared some behind-the-scenes glimpses from her latest music video ‘Up’. In the pictures, she can be seen flaunting her curves in a white leotard. In a recent interview, Cardi B expressed her surprise at the ‘nasty’ reactions to her music, especially in the wake of the backlash she received for her previous track ‘WAP’. The attire she wore in the shoot included white fingerless gloves attached to the wrap and several diamond chokers. The setting featured a silver platform, which was later edited to make it look like she was an ornament on the hood of a pink Rolls Royce. Her glitzy ensemble also included a diamond toe-linked ankle bracelet and an intricate set of acrylic claws. In one of the pictures, Cardi B can be seen waving while leaving the set on the back of a golf cart in slippers.

Sparkling: The shoot look featured a slew of diamonds wrapped around her neck and ankle

Dazzling: In the photoshoot, she flaunted an abundance of glittering diamonds adorning her neck and ankle.

All pink: In the video she was edited to make it look like she was the ornament on the hood of a pink Rolls Royce

Everything pink: The video was altered to create the illusion that she was a decorative feature on the front of a pink Rolls Royce.

Set life: She was seen in slippers being driven from set on a golf cart

During a break from filming, Cardi B was spotted wearing slippers and riding on a golf cart. This was just one of the many stylish outfits she donned for the video shoot, which even included a scene of her kissing a dancer with her tongue. Following the release of her hit song “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi faced criticism from some who deemed the lyrics too explicit. However, she clarified that most of the backlash came from conservative individuals and big Twitter influencers with blue checkmarks, rather than religious groups or high-ranking politicians.

Outfit change: The look was just one of many elaborate outfit changes for the video which features her tongue kissing a dancer

Attire alteration: This particular appearance was just a single instance of several extravagant wardrobe modifications for the music video that showcases her engaging in a deep kiss with one of the dancers.

Backlash: She told Lowe in the interview 'The people that the song [WAP] bothers are usually conservatives or really religious people'

According to her interview with Lowe, Cardi B stated that the people who are bothered by her song WAP are mostly conservative or religious individuals. This is not the first time she has mentioned this group of people as she previously spoke about them in an interview with The Kyle and Jackie O Show in August. In that interview, she also expressed that this type of music is normal to her as she grew up listening to it. Recently, she released a new track called Up, but she has been accused of plagiarizing it from two rappers based in New Jersey, Mir Pesos and Mir Fontane. The duo claims that her song is a ripoff of their track Stuck, which they previewed in August and released in September. They have even taken to Instagram to compare the two songs and call out Cardi B for stealing their work.

Standard music: 'I grew up listening to this type of music. Other people might think it's strange and vulgar, but to me, it's almost like really normal, you know what I'm saying?,' she said in an August interview

In an interview back in August, she expressed her fondness for standard music saying that it was the type of music she grew up listening to. While some people might label it as odd and offensive, for her, it is just part of her usual routine.

Speaking out: In response to accusations that she had ripped Up from two Jersey-based rappers she shared a video of her working on it before they released the song, writing 'From August 7th ┬┐ I been working on this. Sorry lil boy never hurd [sic] of you'

After two Jersey-based rappers accused her of stealing their song, Cardi B defended herself by sharing a video of her working on the track before they even released it. She tweeted, “From August 7th… I been working on this. Sorry lil boy never hurd [sic] of you.” Pesos, one of the rappers, demanded payment, but Cardi insisted she wouldn’t steal and would pay if she did. She expressed frustration with the claims and offered to take it to court if necessary. During a live Instagram session, Cardi reiterated her stance and said, “I don’t give a f**k – get the f**k out of here.” Despite the controversy, Cardi has continued with her busy schedule, including filming a commercial with Wayne’s World duo Mike Myers and Dana Carvey for UberEats set to air during the Super Bowl.

Shut it down: The WAP hitmaker continued to shut down the plagiarism allegations as she said 'If you're feeling a certain type of way, we can take it to court. I don't give a f**k - get the f**k out of here'

Dismissal of Plagiarism Accusations: The artist behind the popular song WAP remained firm in her stance against plagiarism allegations by suggesting legal action to those who have doubts. She expressed no concern and urged accusers to leave if they were not satisfied with her response.

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