Cardi B Spotted Leaving Miami Hotel in Bathrobe and Slides with Massive Security Detail

Cardi B had a negative experience with Nicki Minaj’s security team in the past, which prompted her to hire her own tough bodyguards. On Thursday, she was spotted leaving her Miami hotel in a relaxed state, wearing only her bathrobe and slides, without any makeup.

Protection: Cardi B was flanked by two enormous bodyguards as she left her Miami hotel in a bathrobe and slides on Thursday

Cardi B left her Miami hotel on Thursday in a comfortable outfit consisting of a bathrobe, slides, and a baseball cap. She accessorized with her stunning engagement ring and a fancy Balenciaga bag. However, the most noticeable addition to her entourage were her two colossal bodyguards who ensured her safety as she made her way out. This comes after her physical altercation with Nicki Minaj last month during New York Fashion Week, where Cardi was left with a visible injury on her head.

Ouch: Last month Cardi came off the worst of the two when she attacked Nicki Minaj at the Plaza Hotel during New York Fashion Week ¿ reportedly over some disparaging comments about her parenting abilities ¿ and was left with a golfball-sized welt on her head

Oh no! Cardi suffered a painful incident last month when she got into a physical altercation with Nicki Minaj at the Plaza Hotel during New York Fashion Week. The reason behind the fight was reportedly some negative remarks about Cardi’s parenting skills. Unfortunately, Cardi ended up with a noticeable bump on her head, which was as big as a golf ball.

She hid her face under a camo baseball hat

To conceal her identity, Cardi wore a camouflage baseball hat, but she’s been taking great care of her skin lately. In a recent Instagram post, she shared a video of herself receiving a facial with a sticky gel. Despite being told it was vitamin C gel, Cardi jokingly commented that it looked like vitamin D gel. The day before, Cardi’s three-month-old daughter, Kulture, appeared in public for the first time with her mother on the balcony of their Miami hotel. Unfortunately, earlier this week, Cardi had to turn herself in to police after allegations surfaced that she ordered an attack on two female employees at a strip club who supposedly slept with her husband.

Facial: Since then, Cardi has been taking good care of her complexion, as she proved with a rather rude Instagram video earlier on Thursday

Cardi has been keeping her facial skin in good condition, as evidenced by a recent Instagram post that was a bit impolite.

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