Embracing Family, Inner Punk and Self-Comfort: Insights from Angelina Jolie in March Cover Story

Angelina Jolie is a true force to be reckoned with both in her personal life and on the world stage, just as much as she is on the big screen. In the upcoming March edition of British Vogue, Edward Enninful had the pleasure of sitting down with the dynamic actress in her stunning estate in Los Angeles to chat about her most recent directorial work, her partnership with Amnesty International on a book, and her ongoing advocacy for the rights of women and children.

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On a bright November morning, the British Vogue team arrived at an elegant estate nestled in the peaceful neighborhood of Los Feliz in Los Angeles. The sun had just risen, marking the day of a significant American election, and we were there to spend two days with Angelina Jolie. The estate, which consists of an Italianate Revival villa built in 1913, is where Angelina resides with her six children, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Vivienne and Knox. It’s a lively place where laughter, discussions on politics, music appreciation, and impromptu haircuts are part of their daily routine. The kids even joined in on the photoshoot. Being in London, I participated remotely in styling the shoot. Angelina shared some of her favorite vintage clothing pieces, which she adores and wears until they’re completely worn out.

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Angelina Jolie graces two covers of the March 2021 issue of British Vogue, photographed by Craig McDean. On the day of the shoot, the excitement of the US presidential election kept everyone on set checking their phones between shots. Weeks later, I had the opportunity to chat with the talented actress, whose captivating laughter and reflective pauses are just as enchanting in person as they are when she’s on screen.

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The following is an account of a woman who is a mother and a rebel at heart. She has spent over 20 years working as a humanitarian and human rights activist, and is now embarking on new artistic projects. During my conversation with her, she spoke candidly and optimistically about her future and the world’s future. Despite the challenges she has faced in life, she remains passionate and driven.

Edward Enninful began the interview by asking Angelina Jolie if she felt hopeful despite the recent political changes, positive developments in vaccinations, and the upcoming season. Angelina responded that she puts a lot of hope in the younger generation, particularly since she lives with six children between the ages of 12 and 19. She believes that the younger generation has the capacity to connect globally and solve the world’s problems.

When asked about her experience during the past few months, Angelina acknowledged that her family has been affected by the pandemic like everyone else. However, they have also experienced important milestones such as Zahara’s surgery and subsequently getting her driver’s license. Despite the unusual circumstances, Angelina sees beauty in the shared humanity of the pandemic.

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Angelina, accompanied by her children Zahara, Vivienne, and Knox, was recently photographed at her home, formerly owned by Cecil B DeMille. Despite feeling some pressure moving in, she loves the lack of an entertainment room and the abundance of pathways to walk and think. Angelina admits that she is not good at being a traditional stay-at-home mom, but her children are helping her manage. She feels fortunate to have them as a team and emphasizes their resilience. In terms of her outlook on life, Angelina is trying to be hopeful after coming through a few things, which is something many people can relate to during the pandemic. One of her passions is reflected in the upcoming publication of her book for children and young adults called Know Your Rights (And Claim Them), co-authored with Geraldine Van Bueren QC and Amnesty International. The book aims to help young people identify and overcome anything blocking them from accessing their human rights. Angelina believes that younger people tend to see right and wrong more clearly and hopes to empower them through practical tools outlined in the book.

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Angelina Jolie, the cover star for British Vogue’s March 2021 edition, reflects on her 20-year stint as a special envoy for the UN Refugee Agency. She talks about her initial shock and anger towards the system that displaces millions of people due to war, genocide, and persecution. However, she has learned to fight to change the system from within. Although she loves the practical solutions and protection provided by the UN, she hates the lack of focus by governments on solving the reasons behind people fleeing their countries. She also feels that the discourse around refugees has worsened over time, with refugees being seen as a burden.

Jolie is nervous about directing a biopic of war photographer Don McCullin and playing a comic-book creation in Marvel’s ‘Eternals.’ She hopes to get back to a happy stage in her life after focusing on healing her family, which she admits has been hard over the past few years. Jolie looks forward to her fifties, where she feels she will hit her stride. However, her children remind her to be safe and loved and to live truthfully, reflecting their young yet profound understanding of what matters most.

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Angelina Jolie was recently spotted giving her eldest son, Maddox, an impromptu haircut at their home in Los Angeles. In a recent interview, she discussed the importance of raising her children to be global citizens. As a family of different cultures and races, it is essential for her children to understand and appreciate their diverse backgrounds. For example, when Mad visits Cambodia, he is not only an American citizen but also a Cambodian man and a global citizen. Jolie feels privileged to have built a family out of individuals and believes that it is a significant achievement when her adopted children accept her as their mother. Ultimately, their family belongs to each other.

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In the latest issue of British Vogue for March 2021, Angelina Jolie was seen donning a classic Dior trench coat while walking around her charming estate located in Los Angeles.

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