“J.Lo Stuns in Low-Cut Dress on ‘Date Night’ with Ben Affleck at Friend’s Birthday Bash”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck went out for a night of celebration on Saturday to attend Pia Miller’s 40th birthday party. The singer flaunted her curves in a stunning green satin dress, which she shared on social media before the event. The couple has been friends with Miller and her husband Patrick Whitesell, who is the chairman of Endeavor Talent Agency for a long time. They were also guests at Lopez and Affleck’s wedding in 2022. JLo captioned her post with a heart emoji, indicating the occasion was a romantic “date night.”

Gorgeous: The Waiting for Tonight singer shared a couple of snaps of herself in the gorgeous gown on Instagram

Stunning: On her Instagram account, the songstress Waiting for Tonight posted a few photos of her wearing an exquisite dress.

In the evening, Jennifer Lopez shared a video of herself dancing at a party while holding palm fronds, with the caption “Waiting for tonight” and mentioning date night. A fan added some flair to her honey-colored locks, making it seem like she was in a music video. She looked like she was having a great time, dancing to her hit songs while Ben Affleck dressed up in a black suit and white shirt. Recently, JLo sold her Bel Air mansion for $34 million after listing it for nine months. It was her last home before marrying Affleck. The singer had originally bought the property in 2016 for $28 million and was asking for $42.5 million initially. At the same time, Affleck sold his Pacific Palisades estate with 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.

Date night: She captioned the post simply: 'Date Night,' and added a white heart emoji

The post was captioned with the phrase “Date Night” and included a white heart emoji.

Her song: 'When your song comes on and you're next to a plant...Waiting for Datenight,' she captioned a post of herself dancing with palm fronds to her hit song

In her recent post, she shared a video of herself grooving next to palm fronds with the caption, ‘When your favorite tune plays and you find yourself next to a green plant…Getting ready for a romantic evening.’

Windy: A fan blew her long honey-colored locks around as if she was filming a sultry music video

It was breezy: Her lengthy tresses, the color of honey, danced around as though she were shooting a seductive music clip.

Happy: JLo looked like she was having a fabulous time at the party as she smiled and acted out her popular hit dance song

Ecstatic: JLo seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself at the bash, donning an ear-to-ear grin as she enthusiastically performed her chart-topping dance anthem.

Reenactment: JLo looked like she was making a music video during her impromptu dance

Rephrased: While dancing spontaneously, JLo appeared as though she was filming a music video.

Friends: She and Ben have been longtime friends with Pia Miller and Patrick Whitesell

Buddies: Pia Miller and Patrick Whitesell are good old pals of hers and Ben, they’ve known each other for quite some time.

After buying a lavish Beverly Hills mansion for $60.85 million in cash earlier this year, the celebrity couple has now taken out a $20 million mortgage on the property. The mansion boasts numerous luxurious amenities, including a private lake and beach, an indoor movie theater, an infinity-edge pool, a gym, and 13 bathrooms. Previously, Jennifer Lopez purchased the eight-acre property from Sela Ward and Howard Sherman, covering around 14,000 square feet.

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