J-Lo’s Age-Defying Booty Steals the Show in Shimmering Dress While Filming Marry Me Rom-Com

Jennifer Lopez’s latest movie, Hustlers, has been a success at the box office and received positive feedback from critics. Despite her busy schedule, the singer and actress is already working on another film, a romantic comedy called Marry Me, which she was filming in New York City on Friday. At the age of 50, she still looks stunning as she flaunted her curves in a red sequinned dress that hugged her figure perfectly.

Wow: Jennifer Lopez was back to work as she continued to film her new romantic comedy, Marry Me, in New York City on Friday

Jennifer Lopez was spotted in New York City on Friday as she resumed filming for her upcoming romantic comedy, Marry Me. Alongside Owen Wilson and Maluma, JLo looked stunning with her caramel blonde straightened bob and glamorous make-up. She wore a pair of red high-heeled sandals and accessorized with eye-catching diamonds. It appeared that she was shooting a scene at an airport where she was seen begging a staff member to check her plane ticket before making an announcement through a staff microphone. Marry Me is based on Bobby Crosby’s graphic novel of the same name, which tells the story of a pop singer whose world turns upside down after discovering that her rocker fiance has been unfaithful just moments before their scheduled wedding at Madison Square Garden.

Red hot: The On The Floor hitmaker, 50, looked sensational as she showcased her toned curves in a figure-hugging red sequinned dress

Sizzling: The singer of On The Floor, who is 50 years old, appeared stunning while presenting her fit curves in a red sequinned dress that hugged her figure tightly.

Beauty: JLo, who is starring in the film alongside Owen Wilson and Maluma, styled her caramel blonde locks into a sleek straightened bob, she added a slick of glamorous make-up

JLo stars in a new film alongside Owen Wilson and Maluma. She wore her caramel blonde hair in a chic, straightened bob and added glamorous make-up. In the movie, Jennifer’s character has a meltdown on stage and selects a random audience member to marry – who happens to be Owen’s character, a math teacher holding a ‘Marry Me’ sign. This comedy marks a return to romantic comedy for JLo, who previously starred in hits like Maid In Manhattan and The Wedding Planner. It’s also a comeback for Owen Wilson, who hasn’t appeared in a film since 2017’s Father Figures.

Details: The A-lister added height to her frame with a pair of barely-there red heeled sandals and accessorised with a collection of eye-catching diamonds

The celebrity elevated her height by slipping on some red heels that were almost invisible, and she also adorned herself with some stunning diamond jewelry that caught the eye.

In character: Jennifer appeared to be filming a scene in an airport as she transformed into character

Jennifer was in the midst of shooting a scene at an airport and fully embraced her character. Interestingly, she and Owen had previously worked together in the 1997 movie Anaconda, and now find themselves reunited on screen. As for Owen, he recently finished filming for Wes Anderson’s latest project, The French Dispatch, set to release in January 2020. In other news, Jennifer was featured in a new documentary where she became emotional about the positive reviews for her latest film, Hustlers. She cried as her longtime producing partner, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, read out headlines from various reviews during a FaceTime call. The two have been working together since 1998.

Romcom: She begged a member of staff to check her plane ticket before grabbing a staff microphone to make an announcement during filming as her character in the movie

In a romantic comedy movie, the main character begged a staff member to double-check her flight ticket before using a staff microphone to make an announcement. The CEO of Nuyorican expressed her pride and admiration to the Golden Globe nominee after the world premiere at TIFF, acknowledging the hard work it took to bring the film to fruition. Upon hearing this, Jennifer became emotional and echoed her sentiments, overwhelmed by the moment. Critics have praised Lopez’s portrayal of Ramona Vega, a seasoned stripper and leader of a criminal enterprise, in the 88% certified fresh film. Her performance has been likened to Julia Roberts’ iconic portrayal of Erin Brockovich. The character of Ramona is based on Samantha Barbash, a former stripper who pleaded guilty to several charges, including conspiracy, assault, and grand larceny, for fleecing Wall Street clients out of a large sum of money, resulting in a five-year probation sentence in 2017.

Popular film: Jennifer broke down in tears over the widespread critical acclaim for her new movie Hustlers (pictured in character as stripper/crime ringleader Ramona Vega)

Jennifer couldn’t help but shed tears of joy upon receiving tremendous critical accolades for her latest film Hustlers, where she played the role of the charismatic stripper and crime mastermind, Ramona Vega.

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