Jennifer Lawrence’s Resilience Shines Through Illness During German Talk Show with Liam Hemsworth

Even though Jennifer Lawrence was feeling under the weather with strep throat, she didn’t let it get in the way of her fashion choices for her appearance on the German talk show, Wetten, dass..? last Saturday. The talented actress was accompanied by her co-star from The Hunger Games series, Liam Hemsworth, but their promotional tour for the new film Mockingjay Part 1 was intended to also include Josh Hutcherson. Despite her illness, Jennifer Lawrence proved that she is a true professional.

The show must go on: A sick Jennifer Lawrence was joined by Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth on German talk show, Wetten, dass..? on Saturday

Despite being under the weather, Jennifer Lawrence persevered and appeared on the German talk show, Wetten, dass..? on Saturday with her Hunger Games co-star, Liam Hemsworth. Unfortunately, Josh was too unwell to participate in the show. The two co-stars were both suffering from strep throat, which prompted a playful joke from the host suggesting that they must have been kissing, leaving Liam out. Despite constantly apologizing for her sickness, Jennifer still managed to look decent despite feeling miserable.

Sick but stylish: Despite suffering from strep throat, the 24-year-old still looked amazing

Despite being under the weather with strep throat, the 24-year-old managed to maintain a stylish appearance that simply dazzled.

Simply chic: Jennifer looked on top her fashion game in a nude mini dress featuring a scalloped hemline

Jennifer was effortlessly stylish in her nude mini dress that had a unique scalloped hemline. Her fashion sense was definitely on point.

Laid back look: Keeping with her less is more theme, the Oscar winner skipped doing much to her hair leaving her golden locks out and in messy waves

Chill vibes: Sticking to her minimalist approach, the Academy Award winner opted for a laid-back hairstyle and let her blonde tresses flow freely in tousled waves. Jennifer looked effortlessly fashionable in a nude mini dress with a delicate scalloped hemline that showed off her toned legs. Her ensemble was completed with a pair of Abigail sandals from Oscar de la Renta adorned with pretty petal feather prints. True to her less is more philosophy, Jennifer stayed true to her casual vibe by keeping her hairdo simple and natural.

Perfect pins: The leggy starlet donned a matching pair of petal feather-print Abigail sandals designed by Oscar de la Renta

The actress with long legs wore a beautiful set of Abigail sandals from Oscar de la Renta featuring a pretty feather print.

Well suited: A bearded Liam did not look so bad himself, wearing a grey suit and a black shirt

Looking quite dapper, Liam with his beard actually looked quite charming in a grey suit and black shirt.

Language problem: Their appearance on the long running show certainly was an interesting one, as everyone besides the stars spoke German and that, combined with Jen not feeling her best, meant a lot of things got lost in translation

It was quite an experience when the two stars made an appearance on the famous show where everyone spoke German except them. Jen wasn’t feeling well, and with the language barrier, a lot of things were lost in translation. Liam, with his beard, looked dashing in a grey suit and black shirt. Despite the challenges, the actors had a good time together, sharing laughter, especially when Liam disclosed that his mother had taught him sex education in school.

She did what? Liam had his co-star in hysterics after he revealed his mother taught him sex ed in school

“Did you hear what Liam did?” The actor had his colleagues laughing hysterically when he disclosed that his mother was his sex education teacher in high school. Liam shared that his mother not only taught him English but also personal development, which included sex education. However, when the interviewer sought further clarification, Liam jokingly asked if they were asking if his mother helped him have sex.

Tasty task: The pair was also challenged to a cake decorating competition during the show

Yummy challenge: In addition, they were given the task of competing in a cake decoration contest during the program. However, things weren’t as peculiar as real life for the Australian celebrity, who shared his experience of receiving a sex education lesson from his mom.
According to him, during the first class, his mom distributed papers with various sexually transmitted diseases listed on them, and he got chlamydia.
Jennifer was unable to control her laughter at this story and exclaimed, “Your mom gave you chlamydia!”

Musical stars: Also appearing on the show was One Direction, who performed their hit Steal My Girl

The show featured a lineup of musical stars, including the popular boy band One Direction, who took to the stage to perform their hit single “Steal My Girl.”

Matching: The English-Irish boy band coordinated in all-black ensembles

The group of lads from England and Ireland came together wearing identical outfits in all-black, creating a coordinated and stylish appearance.

Heartbreaker: Harry Styles displayed his good looks and enviable locks for his lady fans

Harry Styles, the heartthrob, flaunted his charming looks and stunning hair to his female admirers. Aside from discussing illnesses and sexual education, he and his partner were pitted against each other in a cake decorating contest. Alongside them, Toni Garrn, Hugh Grant, and the popular boy band One Direction made an appearance. One Direction even sang their hit song, Steal My Girl. In addition, Jennifer revealed that her dog was a massive fan of One Direction.

Model behaviour: Tono Garrn looked great, as always, as she participated in a wierd box game

Model behaviour: Tono Garrn looked great, as always, as she participated in a wierd box game

Tono Garrn never fails to impress with her stunning looks, which were on full display as she joined in on a unique box game.

Silver fox: Hugh Grant showed off his much snowier hair on the talkshow

Hugh Grant flaunted his striking silver locks during a recent appearance on a talk show. The British actor’s hair has undergone a noticeable transformation, appearing much whiter than before.

Promotional trail: Jennifer and Liam were promoting Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part One which will be released in the US and UK on November 21

Jennifer and Liam were out and about promoting the upcoming release of Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part One, set to hit theaters in both the US and UK on November 21st. During an interview, Jennifer shared a funny anecdote about her furry friend who apparently loves to sing and bark along to “Story Of My Life” – a song she attempted to belt out, albeit poorly. It’s worth noting that this film adaptation is the first part of the final book in the trilogy which will be split into two movies, with the second installment scheduled for release on November 20th, 2015.

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