“Unexpected Duo: Shakira and Lewis Hamilton Spotted Hanging Out Frequently”

Love seems to be blooming for Shakira as she moves on from her difficult split with Gerard Piqué in 2022. The “Waka Waka” singer was spotted at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami last May, and then later seen on a boat ride with famed Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton. She even flew to Barcelona in early June just to attend the Grand Prix there, where she was seen dining with Hamilton and friends at a local restaurant. All signs are pointing towards a new romance between these two beloved stars.

The story of Shakira and Lewis Hamilton is a bit of a mystery. While they don’t seem to have any problem appearing together in public, the true nature of their relationship remains unclear. However, a source close to one of them recently spoke to “People” magazine about the situation. According to the source, Shakira and Lewis are not officially a couple just yet – they’re still in the flirting stage. They’re spending time together and enjoying each other’s company, but nothing too serious has developed just yet. It seems like they’re both having fun with the situation and taking things one step at a time.

Shakira is in no rush to jump into a new relationship at the moment. Meanwhile, her ex-partner Gerard Piqué has already found love with a woman named Clara Marti, who is 24 years old. Interestingly, Clara had been the footballer’s mistress for several years prior to their official relationship. Despite facing harassment due to this new relationship, Gerard continues to share photos with his sweetheart on social media.

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