“Unlucky Timing Strikes Wonder Woman Gal Gadot as She Injures Her Back Right Before the Hollywood Premiere”

Despite portraying a powerful superhero in the movie Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot is not impervious to physical pain and injury. During her guest appearance on Live With Kelly & Ryan, the actress shared that she hurt her back just before the film’s premiere, which was a difficult time for her. In a humorous tone, she joked that she had attempted to save the world once again, but it was a challenging task to accomplish.

Saving the world! Gal Gadot stopped by Live With Kelly And Ryan Friday. The Israeli actress and the hosts did the interview standing, after she revealed she 'threw her back out' at the 'worst time' ever

Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress who portrays Wonder Woman, made an appearance on Live With Kelly And Ryan on Friday. During the interview, Gal and the hosts, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, decided to stand up because she had hurt her back at the “worst time” just days before the premiere of Wonder Woman. She joked that she injured herself while trying to save the world once again, adding that it was a heavy task. The petite blonde even took off her shoes to talk.

Tough cookie! Despite her injury, the 32-year-old glowed at the AM show, where she donned a blush pink frock

You go, girl! The 32-year-old showed her resilience by shining at the AM show, even though she was injured. She looked stunning in a lovely blush pink dress.

'Worst timing': The 5'10'' beauty explained she injured herself at the 'worst time', throwing out her back just days before the world premiere of Wonder Woman this Thursday. Still, the star stunned at the debut, pictured above

The beautiful actress who stands at 5’10” revealed that she suffered a back injury at the worst possible time, only a few days before the world premiere of Wonder Woman. However, she was still able to captivate the audience with her stunning appearance at the debut, despite her discomfort. During an interview with hospitable hostess Kelly, the brunette beauty was light-hearted and joked about needing a massage or muscle relaxer. Kelly kindly offered to help, and the Israeli actress gratefully accepted the massage. At the studio, she wore a gorgeous blush pink dress, and her injury did not diminish her radiance.

Yes please! The perky hostess asked the Wonder Woman if she needed a 'muscle relaxer' or 'massage' which Gal responded to saying 'A massage would be wonderful'

The enthusiastic hostess inquired if Wonder Woman required a “muscle relaxant” or “massage.” Gal happily replied, “A massage would be delightful!”

World on her shoulders! The mother-of-two joked about her injury saying, 'I tried to save the world once again and it¿s heavy duty'

The mother-of-two made a lighthearted remark about her injury, jesting that she was attempting to save the world yet again, but the burden was too heavy. Gal also expressed her excitement about portraying the legendary Amazonian warrior, praising her character’s admirable qualities such as truthfulness, fairness, love, empathy, and tolerance. She believes that these values are more relevant than ever, and she ensured that the film effectively conveyed these messages in a heartwarming manner.

She's wonderful! The Israeli beauty gushed about how special it was to play the iconic Wonder Woman, calling her 'amazing' and adding there are 'so many beautiful things about her'

She’s absolutely amazing! The gorgeous Israeli actress expressed her excitement for portraying the legendary Wonder Woman, describing her as extraordinary and explaining how there are numerous stunning qualities about her character.

Back in action! Gal will grace the big screen as Wonder Woman again in the Fall, playing one of the members of The Justice League besides Batman, Superman and other heroes

Exciting news! Gal is set to reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming film release of Justice League. Alongside Batman, Superman, and other heroes, the movie will hit theaters on November 17. Fans can also catch Gal as Wonder Woman in her solo film hitting theaters June 2.

Coming soon: Wonder Woman arrives in theaters June 2

The much-awaited release of Wonder Woman is just around the corner, hitting theaters on June 2. Fans of the superhero franchise can finally enjoy watching their favorite character come to life on the big screen.

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